Spring Break Days 2+3: Mohegan Sun

We are not casino people. Our Vegas days are long behind us. However, after he visited the Mohegan Sun for a conference and then won a raffle for a 2-night stay, Tommy and I decided to incorporate it into our spring break adventure.

We drove from New York to Connecticut and arrived at the casino in the afternoon. As mentioned previously, the kid loves a hotel so he was stunned by the Mohegan Sun lobby. Big columns, huge skylights, a bubbly fountain, lots of colors… While Tommy checked us in we walked to the stairway leading down to the gaming floor and he stared open-mouthed at the swirly glass sculpture that changed colors and the giant indoor waterfall just beyond it.

We got to our room and relaxed for a little bit, but then decided to explore the casino. We walked around and looked at the restaurant menus. We found a Krispy Kreme and a Ben and Jerry’s. There was a candy store and several gift shops. Then we found the kids’ arcade and… the pool.

We went back to our room and changed into our swimsuits. While the pool doesn’t have any slides and wasn’t that warm, the kid didn’t care. He jumped in and splashed, made some friends, and showed off his awesome cannonball skills.

Grown-ups can use the hot tub, and there’s also a snack bar right by the pool for drinks (both alcoholic and non-) and light nibbles.

After that we went back to our room to get ready for dinner. We ate at the Italian restaurant right inside the big gigantic waterfall. We got two orders of humungous chicken parmesan and Jacob had his plain ol’ spaghetti.

The next day was made for more pool time. We took a lunch break and drove to Mystic, Connecticut, for Mystic Pizza. From the movie. Cheesy? Yes. Couldn’t help it.

There’s a decent amount of seating inside but parking was super limited at the restaurant. Still, we made it work, and had some pretty good pizza while watching clips of the movie on a TV and admiring all of the movie posters and memorabilia hanging on the walls.

That night, we stuck around the casino for dinner. It took us a while to find a place that (1) had seating for kids (it’s a casino, after all, and children are not permitted on the gaming floor) and (2) had something the kid would eat. We settled on burgers and shakes at Bobby’s Burger Palace.

Then we headed to the arcade. We might not have dropped any money on the slots or roulette, but we lost some serious coin at the casino. (LOL!) We had a good time, though, getting pretty competitive on a Hot Wheels racing game, and eventually walked away with enough tickets to buy a bunch of really bad souvenirs. (Although the plush space shuttle Jacob picked was pretty sweet.)

If you think a casino is no place for kids, you’re wrong. Mohegan Sun is definitely fun for the whole family.

Next up: LEGOLand NY!


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