Cowan’s Gap State Park

The kiddo was dying to go to the beach and play in the sand so we decided to check out Cowan’s Gap State Park in Fort Loudon, Pennsylvania. We’d never been before, but I was searching for a lake nearby that would make for a great day trip and this seemed perfect!

And it really was! It was a beautiful day. The sky was blue (needed lots of sunscreen!) and the lake and trees were so pretty.

We got there super early (probably a good idea, as there’s not a whole lot of parking!) and for a little while, we had the beach to ourselves. The water was cool, but not cold enough to keep us out of it! It is also very shallow, so it’s safe for the little ones to splash and wade!

In addition to swimming, there are canoe and paddle boat rentals. We gave the paddle boats a try – they are definitely a leg workout! You can also bring your gear and go fishing. For lunch, there are lots of picnic tables, grills, and a concession.

Like I said, we got there pretty early, so we didn’t have to worry about lots of people or social distancing, but by late afternoon, it was pretty packed, so it was time for us to head out.

Cowan’s Gap State Park is definitely on our list to return to next summer!

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