Where are we going this summer?

We’re on the hunt for our 2020 summer home exchange. We thought we had a place figured out, but plans changed and our possible partners had to back out. No worries, though, as Tommy quickly started doing some research and contacting people in hopes of setting up another exchange.

Where would we like to go, you ask? We’re pretty wide open. We typically like to visit big cities with lots of transportation options – so we don’t have to rent a car, lug a car seat around, or drive on the opposite side of the road. Plus it’s just nice to be right smack in the middle of everything.

What kind of house are we looking for? Hopefully we can find something like this:

kid-friendly house/area
city center
close to transportation options
near beach?
with pool?

#KidGoodwin also loves the beach and the pool, so those features have been added to our home exchange wish list, but aren’t mandatory.

After browsing the home exchange website, we’ve contacted people in the following cities. We’d be pretty happy going to any of them, whether it’s this summer or some other time!

The canals… Van Gogh… the Vondelpark. Plus the kid loves anything having to do with Miffy, so I’m sure if we ran into her, he’d be pretty excited.

So many museums, parks, playgrounds… and beer.

We’ve already been (once as a family, once just the two of us) but would happily go back with the kid now that he’s a little older.

We went to Florence (without the kid) and would love to take him to Italy. Florence was great, but we loved Siena, too.

The kid would love the red double-decker buses and the tube… I’d like to check out the museums and shops myself.

We went to Barcelona last year as a family but I wouldn’t mind going back to Spain and seeing Madrid!

Another part of Italy we’d like to visit… We just really want to go back! Would happily check out Rome or Venice, too!

I mean, it’s Paris. Paris is always a good idea, right? The kid has said he wants to see the Eiffel Tower, so maybe someday!

When we were in Copenhagen in 2017, we actually crossed the bridge and spent a day in Sweden with some of Tommy’s relatives. He has family in Stockholm, too, so it would be nice to spend more time in the city.

So, fingers crossed we make some plans soon. There’s a whole lot of world we want to see!


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