Back to Copenhagen!

We first visited Copenhagen in May 2017 for our first-ever home exchange. We took #KidGoodwin, who wasn’t even two at the time, so it was an interesting trip! Our first international travel with the little guy, dealing with the time change, navigating the stores and restaurants to make sure we had all of our toddler essentials, planning everything around nap time… Don’t get me wrong. It was an amazing trip. We had a blast. And we saw A LOT of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen 2017

But this December, Mr. Goodwin and I get to take a (super short) trip, JUST THE TWO OF US, back to Copenhagen. Naturally, we’ve already started tossing ideas around for to do while we’re there. I know it’ll be cold. And dark. (The sun rises around 8-ish and sets around 3-ish!) But I don’t care! I can’t wait to get all bundled up. I’m so over summer. And I’ve been really looking forward to some sort of couples’ trip again (it’s been a minute since we had some alone time!) and we FINALLY get to do it!

So here’s what I’m daydreaming of doing in Denmark this December. (Yay, alliteration!)

This is probably number one on my bucket list just because it’s so unlike anything we’ve ever done before. Sure, I’ll sit in a sauna on the harbour in the middle of December. Or hop into a hot tub with a bunch of strangers. Why not?

I lost track of how many times we ate here in 2017. Now that we’re staying at the Ibsens Hotel, we’ll be just a few blocks away, so I know we’ll be stopping by again!

When we were first in Copenhagen, I’m not sure how many times we visited Copenhagen Street Food at Papiroen/Paper Island. It was a foodie paradise, with stall after stall of food from all over the place. And drinks! You could take your food and drinks outside and sit by the water. It was great. We were sad to learn that Paper Island closed in December 2017, not long after our visit.

The good news is that the folks behind Copenhagen Street Food have rebooted the idea with Reffen, “an urban playground for co-creation, innovation, food and creativity, and not least the largest street food market in the Nordic region.” According to the Reffen Facebook events page, it looks as though they did some Christmas events last year, so hopefully we’ll be able to check it out while we’re there!

Nyhavn by Night
It’s colorful and picturesque during the day but I can’t wait to see what Nyhavn is like at night. We didn’t really experience that in 2017 because we had the little guy with us, but now we won’t have a curfew! I am dying to see how it looks decorated for the holidays and I would love to cozy up and enjoy a meal or a drink somewhere nearby!

Pick up a piece of jewelry
When we went to Italy a few years ago, I picked up an inexpensive little black leather bracelet. Nothing showy, just a simple braided cord. It was my intent to pick up a similar souvenir every time we traveled somewhere, but when we were in Denmark the first time, I forgot to grab one. I didn’t grab one in Canada, either but when I started school at Harvard, I bought myself another one. Then, when I was at Harvard earlier this summer, I made sure to pick another one up. Since I’m going back to Denmark, I have to remember to grab one this time around!

Christmas Markets
We’ll be in Copenhagen two weeks before Christmas. I know I’ll already be full of holiday cheer, but I can’t wait to see what the city looks like all decked out for Christmas. I want to visit the markets (there are so many!) and soak in as much Copenhagen-style-Christmas spirit as I can. Bring on the mulled wine, porridge, Christmas beers, cookies

Do you have any suggestions for what we need to do or see during the holidays in Denmark? Send them my way in the comments below!

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