Our Favorite Barcelona Neighborhood

During our time in Barcelona, we kept ending up in the El Born neighborhood. Sometimes it was on accident, other times it was on purpose, either to go to dinner, grab dessert, or on our photography tour. Here are just a few of the reasons why we fell in love with this part of town!

A colorful area for sure!


There’s so much street art everywhere! (Check out this link for even more amazing Barcelona street art!)

And we loved the streets with flags and lights zig-zagging across, even when it was drizzly and rainy. We even posed for some pictures under the stars on our photography tour! (Keep an eye out for my upcoming post on our Pick a Pic photography tour!)


Popsicles, French Fries, and Happy Pills!


If you’re traveling in Barcelona with a kid, and that kid loves popsicles as much as ours, then you need to go to Loco Polo. They have a ton of different flavors, plus you can have your popsicle dipped in chocolate and rolled in toppings!

Another one of the little guy’s favorite places was Happy Pills. Happy Pills is a cute little candy store that is made to look like a pharmacy. You go in and pick whatever size pill bottle you want and fill it up with candy.

And then there’s Las Fritas. We walked past, I saw the sign, and thought, “The Fries?” I went back and looked… Las Fritas a place that only sells French fries and beer. FRIES and BEER. Two great things that go great together! What’s not to love?

We walked around this area so much that Jacob got to the point where he could recognize where we were and knew if we were near the “popsicle store” or the “french fry restaurant.”

An amazing dinner!

On one of our first trips through the neighborhood, we saw a sign outside of La Taberna del Cobre advertising a sangria and tapas special. Tommy and I said to each other, “Ooh, we should try to come back here!” But I don’t remember what the special was and it doesn’t matter anyway because we went and had a full meal there and it was THE BEST meal we had in Barcelona.

On our last night in town, we walked into the little square where the restaurant was located and our decision was made for us. We grabbed a table outside and ordered sangria and a cheese plate to start – fantastic! Jacob REALLY got into cheese while we were there. He was actually the one who asked if we could order a plate of cheese. Haha.


He also wanted steak for dinner (again!) so rather than order a bunch of tapas, we ordered the steak entree and the chicken entree and just split everything. The dishes came with fries and peppers, so we ended up with a ton of food! The steak was delicious, and I have no idea what they did to the chicken, but the gravy/drippings were so good. If there had been bread, I would’ve soaked it all up! 

Like I said, Jacob had gotten pretty familiar with the neighborhood, so he remembered that Loco Polo was just down the street. Tommy took him to get a popsicle and we debated ordering dessert, but we were really full. So we ordered another pitcher of sangria instead (because there’s always room for sangria, right?) and lingered at the table awhile, listening to some guys playing music in the square and savoring our last night in our favorite spot in Barcelona. It was the perfect way to end our trip!

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