Barcelona Bucket List

adventure awaits

There’s what I guess you’d call the typical Barcelona Tourist Bucket List…

La Sagrada Familia
Park Guell
La Ramblas
La Boqueria
Barceloneta Beach
Barcelona Zoo
Barcelona Aquarium

I’m sure we’ll be visiting a bunch of these places, but we’re also the type of travelers that don’t necessarily have to see a tourist attraction just because everyone else swears you have to. Example: we didn’t see the Book of Kells in Ireland because we’d seen it advertised on every single travel program we’d watched before the trip. We’d seen it plenty of times, just not in person, and we didn’t necessarily feel like we were missing out. Not that we don’t like to do the tourist-y things, but we really enjoy trying to live like locals, getting to know the neighborhoods, and checking out the more “off the beaten path” things where we’re staying.

Which brings me to our list…

I came across a Tweet advertising this Van Gogh interactive art exhibition and thought it looked pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind doing the Picasso or Miro museums, but I don’t know if #KidGoodwin would be all that interested. This, however, he could probably get into!

He would also probably really enjoy Cosmo Caixa, the kids’ science museum. I see they have a planetarium and other space-related exhibits! His current obsession!

Someone on a family travel forum mentioned hanging out and having a picnic at Ciutadella Park. I wouldn’t mind something relaxed and low-key like that.

Someone also mentioned taking a mosaic class at Mosaiccos. I’m always looking for arts and crafts activities to do with #KidGoodwin and this would be something different! Not only that, but it would make for a great family souvenir!

Bubble Parc – No idea how I stumbled across this, but it’s not the kind of bubbles I originally thought. Not soap bubbles, but… giant plastic hamster bubbles that kids can run and roll around in. There is also bungee-bouncing and little boats for the kids to sail!

We’ll be celebrating #KidGoodwin’s 4th birthday in Barcelona and I’m kind of wondering if a day at Tibidabo might be the way to go! It looks like there’s a lot for kids his age/size to do. When we went to Tivoli Gardens a few years ago, he was too little to ride much, but at Tibidabo, he’ll be able to ride the little bumper cars, try out the spinning tea cups, play in the splash pad, and build stuff in the LEGO area. What a fun birthday that would be!

I’m going to keep looking for things to add to the list, but in the meantime, do you have any suggestions for unusual, not-so-typical, non-touristy things to do in Barcelona? If so, send them our way!

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