My Local Summer Bucket List

I’ve lived in the DC area for over 7 years now and there are still so many things I haven’t done. This summer, I’d love to cross a few items off my DMV bucket list!

I’ll be honest, haven’t spent a whole lot of time in Maryland, other than catching an Orioles game and seeing a bunch of concerts. So some of my bucket list activities are across state lines, starting with the National Aquarium. Once upon a time, when I was a kid in Florida, I thought I was going to be a marine biologist. I have always loved the beach, the ocean, the water. Aquariums are just cool. Plus, #KidGoodwin likes the Octonauts, so I’m sure he’d dig the aquarium!

As a former elementary school teacher, I am kind of a science geek. I once attended the Mickelson-Exxon Mobil Teachers Academy. I would love to visit the Maryland Science Center. (They frequently came to my elementary school and gave presentations, but I’ve never been!) #KidGoodwin loves dinosaurs and is obsessed with space, so I bet he would love visiting the science center as much as I would!

Of course, there’s also Port Discovery, which is geared towards kids. It looks a lot like the Experimentarium that we went to in Denmark! Even though he wasn’t quite two yet, #KidGoodwin had a blast there. I bet now that he’s a little bit older, Port Discovery would be right up his alley!

I still can’t believe that we haven’t visited the National Building Museum with him yet! I’ve been there for evening events, but have never actually gotten to see any of the exhibits. There’s a building zone for kids! Trucks! Hard hats! LEGO! We have to do this!

I’ve been to a lot of the museums in DC, and so has #KidGoodwin, but I’m curious what he would think about the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The kid loves money. He knows who’s on the coins, he has a piggy bank and a savings account. He even understood the concept of saving up his money to buy a new LEGO set. I wonder what he would think if he actually got to see how money is printed!

Somehow, I still haven’t made it to the National Gallery of Art. They have family programs that involve reading a children’s book, investigating an artwork, and then a hands-on art activity. You can also just drop in and experiment with art materials.

Once upon a time, we were Nats season ticket holders. We took #KidGoodwin to see his first Nats game (Opening Day!) before his first birthday. We have always talked about taking him to another game, but nap time has always gotten in the way! Now that those days are running out, I wonder how he’d feel about going to a game. They have some promotional days for kids that might be fun to check out!

#KidGoodwin is definitely familiar with visiting some of Northern Virginia’s wineries, and we have our favorites. I think it’s about time we went back, took a picnic, and enjoyed some live music, outdoor scenery, and wine! We love Barrel Oak because it’s dog friendly and Paradise Springs because there’s tons of room for kids to run around.

Last but not least, I wouldn’t mind a getaway for just me and Mr. Goodwin! Nothing big, something kinda local. We once spent a weekend at a B&B in Irvington, VA – a place neither one of us had visited before. We found some cute little wineries and restaurants. We once drove down to Charlottesville to visit some wineries. I wouldn’t mind going back and spending a little more time there! I also wouldn’t mind visiting Rehoboth or Chincoteague for a weekend. I’ve never been. It would just be nice to get out of town for a little while and explore someplace new, just the two of us!

What about you? What’s on your summer bucket list where you live?


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