Hire a Vacay Photographer

I know this might sound crazy, but hear me out!

When we go on vacation, I am usually the one that is obsessed with taking the pictures. When we were in Copenhagen in 2017, I took my camera with me but eventually ended up taking most of the pictures on my phone. When we were in Canada last summer, I didn’t bother with the camera and just used my phone.

I really go overboard with taking pictures and trying to capture everything that we’re seeing and doing, especially when traveling with #KidGoodwin! I know that I’m missing out on a lot of the fun and beauty of what we’re doing by not being fully present… but somebody’s gotta do it! We don’t really go crazy for vacation souvenirs, but I love having the photos to look back on.

The problem with me always playing photographer is… I’m never in any of the photos. And then it’s rare that my husband and I are in any photos together. Unless we ask somebody to take a picture for us. And then you never know how those are going to turn out!

So when we were in Ottawa, Tommy decided to check out local photographers and found a freelancing website with artists and photogs for hire. He found some that were pretty inexpensive and reached out to them about doing a brief family photo shoot on Parliament Hill. Something so we could use the city we’d been visiting for a backdrop, but also get some decent family portraits. We were also hoping to get some new headshots for both of us as well!

A photographer agreed to meet us on Parliament Hill and walked us all around taking photos – with Parliament in the background, above the canal, in some trees, and just against a solid stone wall. We were so pleased with how they turned out! It was nice to know that we were getting GOOD pictures of us all together. And it was nice to know that we were helping out a local artist as well!


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