Home Exchange #3: Barcelona

Well, after sending out dozens and dozens of inquiries, we finally got a response that works for us! For our third home exchange, we will be traveling to Barcelona, Spain at the end of May!

Looking for a home exchange has gotten a little bit easier now that #KidGoodwin is older – he switched to a big kid bed months ago and has been doing just fine, so that means we don’t need to worry about trying to find a home with a crib, baby toys, etc.

We’ll be exchanging with a family who has a similarly-aged kid, too, and the house looks like it is in a great neighborhood near the Avinguda Diagonal and lots of parks and playgrounds. There will be plenty for #KidGoodwin to do, I’m sure!

We still need to book our flights, but we are already so excited for the trip. I’ve already started reading about the area and am coming up with a list of things to do. #KidGoodwin will be celebrating his 4th birthday there, so we’ll have to look around for a special place to celebrate. I can’t wait!


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