Home Exchange Hunting

Since we found our Canada home exchange rather last-minute (or rather, our exchange partners found us!) we decided to be a little better prepared and start planning for the summer NOW.

I think I’ve sent out 100 inquiries easily. Maybe even more/. Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Vienna, Florence, Copenhagen, London, Madrid, Rome…

We’ve gotten a few nibbles here and there but for the most part, people either already have their plans for summer 2019 (and we thought we were getting a head start!) or aren’t interested in coming to the US.

Searching is a little easier now, having done a couple long trips with Jacob. It also helps that he’s older, and we don’t necessarily have to be on the lookout for a house with a crib or toddler bed. The first time he slept in a bed rather than a crib was when we were in Sweden in 2017 – he napped on a bed at a relative’s house! Then when we went to Canada this summer, he slept in full size beds in Ottawa and Montreal with no trouble. So there’s no need to be so particular when it comes to looking for certain arrangements and amenities.

Which is what makes this so funny… We’re being less picky, flinging inquiries far and wide, and we’re still having a hard time finding someone to exchange with.

Fingers crossed that we get to make some plans soon! I’m itching to go on a trip!

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