Ottawa: Week 2

Day 11: We visited the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum in the afternoon. (Admission is free if you go between 4 and 5 p.m.!) Maybe it was because we had already been to the Valleyview Animal Farm and the Laval Nature Center, but Jacob wasn’t all that interested in animals. Or maybe it was because he just wanted to play on the playground there. Either way, it was a fun outing!


Day 12: We were a little worried that Jacob might be getting museum-ed out, but we went to the Canadian Museum of Nature and he LOVED IT. We checked out the bird and mammal exhibits but it’s safe to say that the Arctic gallery, the dinosaurs, and the brain exhibit were his favorite. He spent a lot of time looking up at the dinosaurs and watching some dinosaur videos. And in the brain exhibit, he put together a puzzle of the human brain and had fun playing with blocks and toys.

Day 13: We decided that since we’d spent so much of our time arranging things for Jacob to see and do, that we needed to do a little something for ourselves. Tommy surprised me by arranging for a family photo shoot near Parliament to commemorate our trip. It’s always hard to get a picture of the three of us (and I always complain that I’m never in any pictures anyway, because I’m always the one taking them!) so he somehow found an inexpensive photographer who came out and met us for an hour. We walked to a few different spots on Parliament Hill and got some great shots. We also decided that might be something to think about doing every time we go on a family trip… to get some REALLY great photos of us together. DSC02711.jpg

After our photo shoot, we went to Zak’s Diner in Byward Market for breakfast. On our way back to the car, we caught the changing of the guard at Parliament.

Later on in the day, we went to Kin Vineyards in Carp and had a couple glasses of wine. IMG_0735We have a bunch of wineries near us at home, so Jacob was pretty comfortable hanging out in the tasting room. From there, we we went to the Cheshire Cat Pub and had a really good dinner. For dessert, we went back to Stittsville and sat outside at Quitters. We had some ciders while Jacob got an ice cream. A really pleasant way to end an enjoyable day!


Day 14: We took a grumpy toddler to Mooney’s Bay to become pirates! I don’t know if it was the heat or all the coming and going we’d been doing, or what, but little man was in a MOOD. Anyway, we booked a cruise on a pirate ship with Pirate Adventures Ottawa. For some reason, the little guy did NOT seem excited about getting on the boat… Until we got going. Then he was all about the dancing and spraying the cannons and finding pirate treasure! I think if Jacob was a year or two older, (at age 3, he was probably the youngest kiddo on the boat!) he REALLY would’ve gotten into the whole pirate gag. The actors on the cruise were great – they were good with all the kids, had some jokes for the adults, and everyone was having fun. I’d definitely recommend it!

Day 15: Another boat ride! For our last day in Ottawa, we took a cruise tour of the Rideau Canal and had lunch at the Aulde Dubliner. Then we took it easy the rest of the afternoon so we could clean up the house, pack, and get ready for the road trip home!

Canada was great. Staying in Stittsville was a lot like living in Falls Church, so we felt right at home. We had a nice house in a small, quiet town, but we could just hop in the car and head to the city whenever we wanted. There was no shortage of things to do!



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