Murphy’s Law in Montreal

If anything can go wrong, it will…

Okay, I’m being a bit over dramatic but if I’m being totally honest, I will say our trip to Montreal probably wasn’t all it could have been.

Day 8 – Friday: We were set to arrive on Friday -and our plan was to hit up Parc Olympique for this First Friday food truck festival. That was going to be dinner. But we ended up getting into town a little later than anticipated, we spent time chatting with the Air BnB owner, and then we had to lug all of our stuff up from the garage to the 15th floor of the apartment building – which was massive and had incredibly slow elevators. Plus it was also Jazz Fest (ComicCon was also happening that weekend!) and traffic in the city was nuts. By the time we finally got things situated, we decided to just run across the street to the grocery store and grab something to make for dinner, which was fine, because we needed to grab a few things anyway.

Day 9 – Saturday : We got up and went to le Centre de la Nature de Laval. We had a great time. Jacob loved the animals and the playground. We rode the little train. It was fun to see him enjoying himself. We were IMG_0197headed back to the building, thinking we’d get back, fix up lunch, and then Jacob could take his nap. Except, as we got closer to the building, streets were blocked off and police officers were rerouting traffic all over the place. We just kept following traffic, getting closer to this music… that was getting louder and louder.

We ended up stuck next to this huge tractor trailer with massive speakers blasting out music. People were milling about on sidewalks and wandering through the cars on the street. Some women were dressed in fancy carnival outfits – lots of sparkles and skin!  Turns out it was a Haitian carnival/festival and there was a huge parade going on.

It was crazy hot and we really didn’t want to be stuck sitting in the car… Jacob was hungry and tired! Since traffic wasn’t really moving anywhere, I hopped out of the car, grabbed him, and we walked a quarter mile back to the building. Tommy ended up having to park the car in a garage somewhere and walk back to the building. We were all hot, sweaty, and cranky!


We didn’t feel like doing much after that, so that afternoon, we went to the pool for awhile and then went out to dinner – some place we could walk to –  followed by a stop to the grocery store, at Jacob’s request. Don’t know what it is about our kid and grocery stores.

Day 10 – Sunday: On Sunday, we decided to check out Mount Royal, and I had hoped we could catch the Tam-Tams. I had read on one site that they started around 10, and then somewhere else that they didn’t start until noon! Oops. Plus Mount Royal is much bigger than we anticipated, so after stopping at the overlook at one part (and me running through the woods to find a geocache!) we figured we’d just stick to one part of the park and check out the view from the Chalet.


Since Jacob had so much fun at the pool the day before, we figured we’d spend the afternoon there after his nap. Only problem… there were some crazy winds that made it freezing by the pool, despite it still being about 85 degrees outside!

Jacob had this thing for lobster while we were in Canada, (thanks to his ABCs of Canada book – “L is for Lobster!”) , so we found a restaurant that we could walk to with lobster on the menu. Except it was closed on Sunday. So we walked to another restaurant instead. What can ya do? We were kind of glad to be heading back to Ottawa the next day.

All that being said, Tommy and I really would have liked to have seen more of the city. If it wasn’t so ridiculously hot or we didn’t have Jacob with us, maybe we would have done more exploring. And we know we missed A LOT. But between carnivals and JazzFest and the heat wave, we didn’t really feel much like getting out there and exploring. So… maybe we’ll have to head back to Montreal some day!

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