Ottawa: Week 1

Day 1: After our arrival, we hit up a few grocery stores to see what they offered and to stock up on some of the basics. We played on the playground near our house for a bit and then we went to a pub for dinner. Our first helping of poutine!

Day 2: We went to the Carp Farmer’s Market in the morning. Jacob did some arts and crafts and we grabbed a bite to eat. I had a handmade pierogi (Fried, too; not just boiled! So much better that way!) and helped Tommy finish off his poutine. In the evening we drove to Parliament Hill to check out the Canada Day festivities. It has been hot, hot, HOT here so we didn’t stay for too long. We did try a Beavertail and Jacob seemed to have fun banging on this giant percussion bike/art display on the sidewalk. We had dinner at a nice steakhouse in the Byward Market area.

Day 3: Canada day! We started off the day with donuts from Tim Horton’s and then visited the Canada Science and Technology Museum. We walked around a bit at first but when we got to the children’s exhibit, that was all we did. Tommy joked that we go to all these wonderful museums but don’t really get to see anything anymore. But… I had fun anyway! In the afternoon, we went to the Stittsville Canada Day celebration. There was a giant bounce house, some food trucks, and ice cream. Jacob got Nanaimo bar ice cream!


Day 4: To beat the heat, we went to the Bell Sensplex and watched part of a junior hockey tournament as well as caught a glimpse of the Ottawa Senators development camp. But what Jacob really wanted to see was the zamboni. Mission accomplished. We checked out a splash pad afterwards, another welcome reprieve from the heat. Later, we visited the Canada History Museum and spent all our time in the children’s museum there. Time well spent, because Jacob had a blast! There was so much for him to do and get his hands on. He stamped his passport, counted money, played in a shop and a restaurant, investigated a pyramid, and loaded and unloaded packages in the port.

Day 5: We kept it low-key today and visited Valleyview Animal Farm in the morning. Jacob got to feed the goats. We also saw cows, pigs, horses, sheep, chickens, peacocks, and bunnies! Jacob loved playing on their playground and then we took a train ride around the farm.

Day 6: We stayed close to home today and played at the playground right down the street.

Day 7: Returned to the splash pad and then went to the outlet mall for a little shopping. And started packing for our weekend in Montreal!


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