Ottawa/Montreal Bucket List

Last year, when we were planning our Copenhagen itinerary, I basically just came up with a list of all the things we might want to do or see while we were there.

Since Jacob was still napping, we tried to split our days into three sections – a morning outing, back to our flat for naptime, and then an afternoon/evening outing. Some days we’d have lunch or dinner out and about, some days we’d eat in our flat. But our plans mainly revolved being back home for naptime, which wasn’t really a bad thing. It gave us a chance to rest up for whatever we had planned for that afternoon, or one of us could go off and do something on our own if we wanted.

Anyway, the next thing I tried to figure out was what days/times things were open. Some places were closed on Fridays, some were open later on Tuesdays, that kind of thing. That gave us some anchors on our schedule – it would just make sense to do certain things on certain days. Then we would just kind of plan out the next couple days’ activities as we went along.

So now I’m trying to do the same thing with our trip to Ottawa. (Which also includes a weekend in Montreal!) The one extra challenge this time will be that I’m taking an online class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings this summer – no going out those nights!

We’re going to be there on Canada Day, so I don’t know what we’re going to attempt to do that day! And the day after will be a holiday, too, so we may be limited in our options. But I’m excited to see how Canada celebrates!

Now, as for the list of things I would love for us to do… I’m having a really hard time trying to narrow it down. There’s a LOT that I would love for us to be able to check out, but here are some of the top things on my list.

Pirate Adventure – I bet Jacob would like this. I was also excited to see that they have some morning sails, too, so we might be able to get out before it gets too crazy hot. And there’s a beach/playground nearby so we can scope that out and see if that’s something Jacob might be interested in.

Valleyview Little Animal Farm – It’s animals! Of course Jacob would love this!

Carillon – I’m sure Tommy will want to check out Parliament, and while we’re there I’d really love to catch the Peace Tower Carillon recital. Over the summer the bells are played for an hour. According to the schedule, it looks like there are different themes each day – animal songs, songs with color titles, pop music, that kind of thing.

Byward Market – So many restaurants!!!

Ottawa Carleton Trail – Tommy and I have both been trying to be better about getting some exercise. I’m really excited that we’ll be near this trail so we can keep up with our morning walks while we’re on vacation.

First Friday in Montreal – Two words: street food.

Bagels in Montreal – I didn’t realize Montreal bagels were a thing. I just thought bagels were bagels!

In addition, I’m hoping we can play at the beach, visit a few wineries, and check out some of the many museums as well! Plus Ottawa Bluesfest will be going on, too! Every time I try to do a little research, I keep finding more things that sound like fun! I don’t know how we’ll cram everything in, so I’ve got some more planning to do… and we’ve only a few days to figure it out!

One more thing I also want to do while we’re there… is RELAX. It’s been go-go-go these past few months!

Anybody out there have any other can’t miss Ottawa/Montreal sights? Let me know!






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