Going to Canada!

Since December, we probably sent out close to 200 home exchange inquiries to Canada and countries all over Europe. We got several “no thank you” replies, a few “maybe next year” answers, and there were many, many families that we still haven’t even heard back from.

We also received our fair share of inquiries from interesting places all over the world. Despite being in great locations and being beautiful homes, either the timing wasn’t right for our schedule, the interested parties were allergic to cats, or the houses didn’t look like they would be very kid-safe, so we had to decline.

We were beginning to wonder if we were ever going to line up an exchange for the summer. Admittedly, when we arranged our exchange last year, we had everything settled by October/November and this year we didn’t even get started until December. (Lesson learned!)

And then finally, we got an inquiry from a family in Ottawa. They have a lovely home and three small children, which means we’re very compatible for a swap. Kid-friendly, lots of toys, that kind of thing – exactly what we were hoping to find!

What should be really fun is that we’re exchanging in capitals for our national holidays – our Canadian counterparts will be here in DC for the 4th of July and we’ll be in Ottawa for Canada Day!

2014 Canada Day festivities at the Canadian Embassy

We’ve already started sharing ideas for places to go and things to do with our exchange partners, and we’re starting to do some of our own research and planning. One of the things that we’re going to have to look into is ways to keep #ToddlerGoodwin entertained on the car ride. That’s right… ROAD TRIP!

Do you have any suggestions for must-see/must-do activities in Ottawa? Let us know!



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