Back to Boston

As a student with Harvard University’s Extension School, I had to make a weekend trip to Boston for a class that I’m taking. I stayed at the Irving House in Cambridge. It was a quirky little place and I liked it, once I got used to the man snoring in the room next door!

This was only my second time in the area. My first visit was last summer with Tommy, who once upon a time, used to live in Boston. This was a completely different experience because instead of traveling with a former local, I was all by myself. But I think I did okay! Saturday and Sunday were spent in class, but I tried to get out and about when I could… when I wasn’t sick, that is!

Friday: Arrived and took an Uber from the airport to Irving House. My room wasn’t ready yet, so I dropped off my luggage and went for a walk to campus. I walked around Harvard Yard and then hit Starbucks to charge my phone and people watch. I searched for events in Cambridge and saw that a sit-in to protest gun violence was happening on the steps of Widener Library, so I went to check it out. (I came, I sat, I shivered.) When that was done, I went to the Coop to load up on Harvard merch for the spring/summer. After that, I went to Felipe’s and got myself a burrito for lunch. Back to Irving House to relax and freshen up. I’d done a ton of walking already so I needed to rest my feet for the rest of the weekend! For dinner, I met a friend at PARK restaurant and bar. The place was dark and the music was loud. Seemed like a mixed crowd of college-age kids and some older folks. I had their draught cocktail, which was a Claridge, and then switched to Jack’s Abby House lager. I ordered chicken wings, fried chicken, and chocolate mousse – all pretty good! I think we were there for about three hours and the place was packed full the whole time!

Saturday: Met up with a classmate who was staying at the Friendly Inn right next door. We took an Uber to East Boston where we were meeting up with our professor and classmates. We did a walking tour of East Boston and wandered around the neighborhoods. Some of us grabbed lunch at Mi Rancho. We got to visit neighbors working at Eastie Farm and walked our butts off! And that’s right about the time I ended up coming down with a cold. Rather than head out with my classmates that evening, I ended up going back to my room and then tracking down a Walgreens so I could load up on cold medicine. On my way, I passed a Whole Foods, so I went in there and grabbed some chicken soup for dinner. Not really how I wanted to spend my night.

Sunday: Our class met on campus for a day of readings and discussions. I had Flat Patties for lunch – a pretty decent burger! After class, a classmate and I went to LA Burdick’s for some hot chocolate and then Mike’s Pastry so I could bring home a pound of champagne cookies for Tommy. Then it was one last walk through the Yard, which was full of people enjoying the (finally!) nice weather. I went back to the room to relax for a bit… Since Friday I’d walked about 15 miles! I was tired and my head hurt with the stupid oncoming cold, but  I didn’t want to spend my last night in town in my room… so I got back on my feet and headed back to Harvard Square. I ended up at Russell House Tavern so I could have dinner (a beer and duck poutine!) at the bar. It was just starting to warm up so the windows out onto the street were open and there was an awesome breeze. It was a great way to end my trip… and to celebrate the almost-end of my second semester!


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