Our Home Exchange Bucket List

For the past month or so, we’ve really gone crazy sending out home exchange inquiries. I’m guessing the number is somewhere in the 100s. We’ve gotten some positive responses, but then there seems to be a lag in communication for awhile, presumably while the other party researches flights, dates, and decides whether or not they really want to come to the States. We’ve done the same thing with inquiries we’ve received; we’ll sit on an inquiry for awhile until we decide if it’s something we want to pursue or not.

Whenever I send out a round of inquiries, it’s fun to see all the e-mails I get back right away. The only problem is that most of those are people who are immediately responding with a “no” – because they don’t want to come here or they already have travel plans lined up. We’ve gotten a lot of no’s.

So where are we trying to go this summer? We’ve got a “bucket list” of sorts of the places we’re most interested in. What we’re really looking for is someplace urban/in the city center, to make getting around with #ToddlerGoodwin easier. We’d also love to find a place that’s kid-friendly, if not baby-proofed. But we’ll manage. So far, we’ve sent inquiries to…

My best friend is from PEI and her family still lives there. I would love to be able to go and visit the Island and maybe even coordinate a trip with her. The problem is… PEI isn’t that big and there aren’t that many home exchangers there!

Tommy has been to Vienna, but I haven’t. He went in December when it was really cold, so it would probably be nice for him to go back and enjoy the country when the temperatures aren’t frigid.

We went to Florence and Siena in 2016 and would love to go back. We’d go back to Tuscany in a heartbeat, but wouldn’t mind seeing Rome or Venice.


Tommy really wants to go to Barcelona. Houses in BCN keep showing up in our Home Exchange favorites list, and I just keep sending messages out.

This is another city Tommy is all about visiting. I’ll be honest, I’m not super familiar with the country. But I’ll go anywhere.

Tommy is currently studying with King’s College London, so it would be kind of cool if we ended up there in May when he takes his end of program exam. He’s been briefly, but I haven’t.


We’ve sent inquiries out to Berlin, Hamburg, and Frankfurt. Some of the homes we’ve seen in Berlin look awesome because they are so close to so many great big parks that #ToddlerGoodwin would love. And it’s Germany, so… beer!

Another place we’d gladly return to. We visited Galway, Killarney, Dublin, and Waterford in 2013. I’m not sure #ToddlerGoodwin would get a kick out of driving the Ring of Kerry, but I bet he would love Dublin!

Those are the big ones, but we’re pretty much open to going anywhere! What about you? What’s on your travel bucket list? What are your summer travel plans? Comment below. We’d love to hear from you!



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