Revisiting My Copenhagen Bucket List

Before we left, I came up with a list of things I wanted to do in Copenhagen. It’s not like it was a massive list or that I had anything wild and unusual on there.

We made it to all the places we wanted to go: NyhavnTivoli GardensThe Round TowerThe National AquariumThe Copenhagen ZooThe National Museum.

We also spent a lot of time at the Copenhagen Main Library and the Frederiksberg Centret.

Here’s my personal bucket list of other little things that I wanted to accomplish:

Have a hot dog. Check.


Have an ice cream. Check.

Speak Danish. Check. I said “Tak” (Thank you) and “Undskyld” (Excuse me) and that was about it.

Bring (or ship) back something cool for the house. Check. We brought back ceramics from Hoganas, Sweden.

Bring back something for #ToddlerGoodwin’s room, too. Check. I finally found a Flensted mobile for his travel-themed room! Airplanes! I also got him a shadow box and filled it with small souvenirs and trinkets from the trip.

I want to take lots of pictures with an actual camera. Check!

I also want to spend as little time on my phone as possible. Check-ish. I used my phone as my camera a lot, because the picture quality is so much better than the old camera that I have. I only activated my international coverage for two days, though. Once was because I was walking around by myself and wanted to be able to get in touch with Tommy if I needed to. The other was when I did an Instagram takeover for Mamalode.

Write everything down so that #ToddlerGoodwin will have a fantastic record of his first big trip. Check! This Kids’ Travel Journal made it super easy! And when we came home, I saved all of our pictures to Shutterfly and turned them into an 8×11 photo book!

I had also hoped to borrow a bike and take a ride somewhere, but after seeing how skilled the riders are in Copenhagen, I decided that I didn’t have the nerve to try and keep up with them.

Anyway, when it comes to Copenhagen: Mission accomplished!

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