Copenhagen Street Food and Food Markets

I’ll be honest. Whenever we have traveled somewhere in the past, we’ve always made sure to research our dining options. Usually we’ll have a restaurant or two picked out in advance that we really want to try. But while researching food in Copenhagen, neither one of us was really thrilled by all of the smorrebrod (open-faced sandwiches) that all seemed to have ingredients we’re not fond of: hard-boiled eggs, smoked salmon, etc.

We did, however, have some delicious dining experiences.

First of all, the food markets are a foodie’s dream. We visited Torvelhallarne and Paper Island/Papiroen/Copenhagen Street Food quite a few times during our stay. In addition to all the takeway food stalls, Torvelhallarne also has fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers for sale.We ate lunch outside and bundled up with the blankets provided by the restaurant. #hygge

Paper Island/Papiroen/Copenhagen Street Food has tons of food stalls with several different kinds of cuisine. We sampled tacos, duck fat french fries, polse, waffles with ice cream, and lots of gin cocktails – and everything was delicious! We ate inside and then got lucky enough to snag a few chairs out by the water to finish our cocktails and watch the sun set slowly over the water. A full belly, some drinks, and fresh air – the perfect end to a busy day of sightseeing!

We discovered grod, or porridge. In fact, we got dinner from a place called Grod several times on our trip. There’s a Grod stand at the Torvelhallarne Food Market and there’s also a small cafe in our neighborhood of Frederiksberg. We had the risotto with asparagus at least three times for lunch or dinner and we tried two of the breakfast porridges. Oatmeal, apples, berries, caramel… Felt like we were eating dessert for breakfast! (And a large is plenty big enough for two people to split!)


Joe and the Juice quickly became a must-have snack/drink when we were out and about, as #ToddlerGoodwin fell in love with their smoothies – and quickly learned to recognize the logo from half a mile away. Kind of like Starbucks meets Jamba Juice, the chain serves coffee and smoothies. We were fans of the Pick Me Up and the Stress Down… when and if the kid actually let us get a taste.



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