Visiting Den Bla Planet


Back to the Copenhagen posts! I still have some places to write about. Starting with Den Bla Planet!  In this picture, #ToddlerGoodwin looks really excited to visit Den Bla Planet, the National Aquarium of Denmark. Inside… not so much. I don’t know if it was because some parts of the aquarium were kind of dark or if he just didn’t really care about LOOKING at stuff. (I guess when you’re a toddler, you’d much rather experience things by climbing and exploring!) The aquarium was really cool, though, and I know we didn’t see it all.

Split up into three zones – the northern lakes and seas, the ocean, and tropical rivers and lakes, you can see sharks, seals, piranhas, rays, eels, and a vast collection of fish.


There’s a touch tank for kids (and grown-ups) who want to, say, hold a starfish or pet a hermit crab. #ToddlerGoodwin had no fear when it came to reaching in and feeling all the different critters!

But the best part of the aquarium, for #ToddlerGoodwin, was the outdoor play area.

In addition to a playground with a slide, there was a water area where kids could pump water, divert the channels and currents, and of course – splash around and get soaked just for the fun of it.

Luckily it was a warm enough day, so we didn’t have to worry about #ToddlerGoodwin being cold, wet, and miserable on our metro ride back to our house.

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