Picking Lavender at Seven Oaks Farm

Last year, shortly after #ToddlerGoodwin’s first birthday, we got a Groupon for cutting lavender at Seven Oaks Lavender Farm in Catlett, VA. I love lavender and even had some growing in the backyard, but we figured it would be nice to take a little road trip and get out of the house.

#ToddlerGoodwin was so cute. He’d just learned to walk – had finally gotten pretty confident on his feet. He was so cute and chubby back then!

This summer, I saw that Certifikid had an offer similar to the one we’d done last year, so we decided to go do it again. It’s amazing to see how #ToddlerGoodwin has grown!

He didn’t care much for the lavender and ran up and down the rows while I snipped away. It’s been several weeks and the lavender still smells great in a vase on the counter. Smells like summer!

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