That Time We Went to the Experimentarium

The Experimentarium is located in Hellerup, which is a bit north of Copenhagen. Since we rented a car to drive to Sweden for a day, we decided that while we had it, we might as well use it for the trip.

The Experimentarium is a science/STEM museum that would be excellent for older kids, but #ToddlerGoodwin had a blast there as well! There was so much to see and do that we kept having to shoo him along from one exhibit to the next. We managed to get a lot in, but there’s still a lot that we missed.

Here are some of the exhibits that we really enjoyed with #ToddlerGoodwin:

The Labyrinth of Light


In the Labyrinth of Light, you can experiment with color, light, and shadows. #ToddlerGoodwin was fascinated by the illuminated walls throughout the exhibit, but I thought playing the laser harp was really cool!

The Construction Site


This area was definitely one of #ToddlerGoodwin’s favorites, and I bet he would have stayed here all day if we let him. In the Construction Site, kids can transport balls around with wheelbarrows and buckets and then launch them down twisty-twirly ramps. They can also practice using the crane to move balls from one place or another.

Circus Physicus


In Circus Physicus, you experiment with physics. There were gyroscope and balance beam activities; you could even attempt to lie on a bed of nails! #ToddlerGoodwin really liked playing with the air currents – two tubes blow air out, and if you placed a beach ball in the air current, it would float in the air. You could then bend the tubes to try to aim the beach ball through a hoop.

The Beach


The Beach has lots of fun water and sand activities. Kids can experiment with currents and tides, race rubber ducks, and learn about water safety, boats, and submarines.

The Port


At The Port, we spent most of our time at the giant marble run, which works as a global trade simulation. You can maneuver wheeled “cargo ships” throughout the exhibit, gather up your marbles, or the goods that are to be traded, and transport them from one place to the other by loading them into the marble run.

The Bubblearium


And of course, who doesn’t love bubbles? The Bubblearium is every kid’s dream – huge, overflowing vats of soapy water and bubble wands of all shapes and sizes!

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