Our Copenhagen Day-By-Day Itinerary

I’ve written several blog posts about what we did in Copenhagen, (and still have more to go!) but here I’ll just briefly share how we spent the entire two weeks there.

Since we had #ToddlerGoodwin with us, we tried to do an activity or outing in the morning, either eat lunch out or come home for lunch, let #ToddlerGoodwin take his nap, and then head out again in the afternoon/evening. We tried very hard to stick to our regular schedule so that we didn’t have a tired, grumpy toddler on our hands, which made our trip very relaxed and easygoing!

May 6 – Our arrival. Took naps when we got to our apartment, got groceries, made dinner at home.

May 7 – Nyhavn canal tour, walked Stroget, Eataly for dinner.

May 8 – Copenhagen Main Library, Torvehallarne food market, dinner at home.

May 9 – Climbed Round Tower, discovered Joe & The Juice, picked up snacks from Conditori La Glace, caught the changing of the Guard marching on Stroget.

May 10 – National Museum of Denmark.

May 11 – Lunch with a friend from back home, visited Postbox, dinner at Torvehallarne.

May 12 – General Prayer Day. Copenhagen Zoo.

May 13 – Frederiksberg flea market, Christianshavn fire station open house, Experimentarium.

May 14 – Road trip to SwedenRoad trip to SwedenRoad trip to Sweden.

May 15 – Walked around the neighborhood, Frederiksberg Library, Den Bla Planet, Paper Island/Copenhagen Street Food.

May 16 – Back to Stroget for souvenir shopping.

May 17 – Copenhagen Main Library, Torvehallerne, Tivoli Gardens.

May 18 – Frederiksberg Have, Paper Island/Copenhagen Street Food.

May 19 – Frederiksberg Centret, packing to go home.

May 20 – Returned home.

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