That Time We Climbed Rundetaarn

Copenhagen’s Rundetaarn, or Round Tower, was built by Christian IV in the 1600s. It is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe, and was used by the University of Copenhagen until 1861.  The tower is part of the Trinitatis Complex of church, library, and observatory.

There are no elevators and very few stairs in the tower. Instead, the walkway within the tower spirals all the way up to the top. To reach the observation deck, you must take perhaps 20 stairs, and from there, to reach the observatory, another small staircase.


The many niches and windows make for great places to pause and take pictures. There is a niche at the end of the walkway where you can stand on a piece of glass and look down through the center of the spiral. There are two privies in the tower – one in the top floor and one beside the library partway up the tower. The Library one is open, so if you wanted to, you could make yourself comfortable on the privy that was probably once used by Hans Christian Andersen.

The spiral walkway makes visiting the tower very stroller-friendly!


The view of Copenhagen from the top of the tower is beautiful. We spent a lot of time chasing #ToddlerGoodwin, well… around and around and around the observation deck.


At one time, the space at the top of the tower was used as a place to dry laundry and store herbs and animal skins. It is now home to a modern art gallery.

The tower was an inexpensive attraction to visit, and it was easy to take #ToddlerGoodwin in his stroller. The view from the top is definitely worth it!

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