That Time We Went to the Copenhagen Zoo

Living right outside of Washington, DC, we’ve been to the Smithsonian National Zoo a few times – to see the holiday lights, for Halloween’s Boo at the Zoo, and to attempt to say goodbye to Bao Bao. But every time we’ve gone, we’ve missed a lot of the animals because they’re already in their enclosures for the day. Oops!

We got really lucky at the Copenhagen Zoo and saw a TON of animals – lions, camels, elephants, seals, flamingoes, bears… I don’t know that #ToddlerGoodwin really cared about anything else but the kangaroos, though.

There is a small gate that leads into the kangaroo enclosure. It monitors how many people go through and are in the enclosure and won’t open until there’s room for more people. I didn’t realize that when you went into the enclosure, the kangaroos would just be lying about out in the open. (Watch out for the kangaroo poop!) They were sprawled all over the place soaking up the sun while people walked right on by. It was surprising to see them so close!


It was pretty chilly the day that we went, and #ToddlerGoodwin was fighting a cold, so I don’t think he was too thrilled with our visit to the zoo. We made the most of the brief time that we were there, though!

The Copenhagen Zoo is home to over 3,000 animals from 264 species – that means we only saw a tiny fraction!

We’ll have to start going to the National Zoo here at home a little more often!

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