That Time We Went To The Library In Copenhagen

If you’re planning a trip abroad with small kids, visiting the local libraries might not necessarily be at the top of your list. In researching our trip to Copenhagen, however, Tommy discovered that the Copenhagen Main Library has a very large children’s wing, so we decided to check it out one morning… It’s free and it’s kid-friendly! It was also a way to let #ToddlerGoodwin run around for a little bit even though it was cold and drizzly outside.

The main library itself is gorgeous… In the center of the ground level, you can look up at the floors towering above you. The whole museum is light and spaceous and almost looks more like a shopping mall than a library. The design and decor of the place is amazing – sleek furniture that’s ultra-functional but still comfortable. Artwork hidden here and there.

You walk past the cafe when you enter. A quick look around and we discovered computers, a performance area with A/V equipment, and abundant seating on every level. And we were blown away by all that the library’s children’s wing had to offer. #ToddlerGoodwin was in heaven.

Of course, there were books galore. There were also puppets, a puppet theater, dress-up clothes, and lots of toys. There were comfy blankets and pillows in the seating areas. There was a pretend car to drive, tunnels and tubes to crawl through, and wheely bugs to ride on. There was also a huge long table scattered with art supplies for anyone to use.

And that’s not all!

The best part of the children’s wing, by far, was the foam letter room. I’m not exactly sure what else to call it. But we rounded a corner and… this whole back nook was just filled with foam letters of all different sizes. Some were the size of paperback books… others were as big as furniture. And they were just all jumbled around on the floor and on the walls. Stacked and piled on top of each other.

At first glance, the room looked a mess! But it’s supposed to be that way. Another young boy, maybe 6 or 7, came in and immediately started moving letters around, like he had a plan. He turned the giant capital A on its side and then started stacking other letters near it. He climbed up his letter stack and used the A as a slide, over and over again. Naturally, #ToddlerGoodwin had to give it a try a few times, as well.

I recognized the logo on some of the foam letters. There were actually some similar items in our apartment, made from the same company, bObles.

The bObles brand sets out to make motor development fun. Their “tumbling animals” are pieces of furniture that are meant to be played on. They’re designed to challenge kids’ motor development and help kids work on climbing over/crawling under/balancing on the soft foam surfaces. #ToddlerGoodwin definitely loved them!

Anyway… we had such a great time at the library, that we went back another time. #ToddlerGoodwin headed straight for the letters again and we had the place to ourselves. We turned over a giant O and filled it with all the small letters – alphabet soup!

Later on in our stay, I went for a walk in our neighborhood of Frederiksberg, and I came across the Frederiksberg library. Through the windows, I could see a children’s area, so a few days later, we went back with #ToddlerGoodwin. While nowhere near the size of the children’s wing at the Main Library, he still had a good time!

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