Getting Around Copenhagen With a Toddler in Tow – You Can Do It!

As I mentioned in my post Things To Think About, Copenhagen’s public transportation system makes it really easy to get around with a kid in a stroller. We were amazed at the size of some of the strollers/prams we saw while we were in Denmark. Some of them are enormous! That being said, nobody blinks an eye when someone pushes a pram onto an elevator, metro, or bus. They are everywhere in Copenhagen!

Because #ToddlerGoodwin was just a few weeks shy of two years old, there was no way we would’ve been able to get around as much as we did without his stroller. I don’t think his little legs could have handled all the walking we did, and he’s not the biggest fan of being carried anymore. So the stroller was a lifesaver. Plus the extra storage in the bottom of the stroller came in really handy for the diaper bag, camera, and snacks that we were always toting around!

We never had an issue on transportation with the stroller. We had to wait a couple times for a bus to have room to pick us up, but we never had to wait long. We were a little surprised to find out that we couldn’t use our stroller in the Copenhagen Airport when we were flying home, but we managed just fine.

We used the stroller all over Copenhagen, in grocery stores, restaurants, libraries, the shopping mall, the zoo, Den Bla Planet, the Experimentarium, Frederiksberg Have, and Tivoli Gardens. We even climbed up to the top of the Round Tower with the stroller. We just had to leave it at the bottom of the stairs near the very top.



Of course, when we took our canal cruise from Nyhavn, the stroller had to stay on the dock. When we went to the National Museum of Denmark, we had to park our stroller and instead borrow one from the museum. Not a big deal… just check with your destination to find out if your stroller is allowed inside!

The stroller we borrowed from the National Museum.

While strollers and prams abound in Copenhagen, one thing really surprised us. We saw many baby carriages left out on the sidewalk – with a baby sleeping inside! While it would be unthinkable here in the States, it’s quite normal for Danish parents to leave their babies in the pram while they go into a shop, cafe, or restaurant! Considering that some of the restaurants we popped into were pretty small, I guess I can see why! (But we definitely didn’t do it!)

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