Things To Think About Before Your Family Trip to Copenhagen

If you’re planning a trip to Copenhagen with your little ones, then I hope you find this post helpful! Here are some issues we encountered and how we handled them:

Your Stroller
If you’re traveling with kids and you fly into the airport with a stroller, you’re fine. Flying OUT of CPH? That was a different story. We were surprised when we checked in for our flight at the Air Canada counter and were told that we weren’t able to use our stroller in the CPH airport. We had to check it with our luggage. We were told that we could use the airport trolley carts instead. That was fine, but when we landed in Toronto for our connection to DC, we didn’t have a stroller.

Renting a Car vs. Public Transportation
Thinking about taking a car seat? You might be using it on the plane, and that’s one thing, but the public transportation is SUPER kid-friendly in Copenhagen (kids under 12 ride free with an adult) and a car might not even be necessary for your trip. In other words, if you’re not going to rent a car, consider leaving the car seat at home if you don’t need it on the plane. (One way to travel lighter!)

Holding on for safety on the train!

There are spaces on the metro and buses for people with strollers, and a lot of people will kindly move to let you have one of those spots if you get on with a stroller. All of the metro stops have elevators so you can get down to the trains with a stroller.

If you’re taking the bus, you board the bus in the middle where the stroller seats are, then go pay your fare. We were warned, in advance, however, that buses can only accommodate two strollers at a time, so if a bus happened to coast on by us while we were waiting at the bus stop, the bus driver wasn’t crazy – it just meant that the bus couldn’t take another stroller. This happened once or twice but we never had to wait a long time for the next bus.

We DID rent a car for one day because we took a day trip to Sweden. Our home exchange partners left us a car seat and it was super easy to install! For information about parking your car in Copenhagen, go here.

Bring These From Home?
There were a few items that we couldn’t seem to find in stores:

Root beer
Frozen waffles
Dryer sheets

You might be able to live without the root beer and frozen waffles (although we did eventually find root beer in a candy store!) but if your place in Copenhagen has a washer/dryer, you might want to bring some dryer sheets from home, because we couldn’t find them – and a grocery store employee didn’t seem to know what Tommy  was talking about when he asked!

With the small combo washer/dryer unit and no dryer sheets, our clothes were a little crunchy!

Don’t stress too much about diapers, wipes, and baby food – there were many familiar brands in the grocery stores we shopped in, and we tried some new things, too!

The Weather
The Danes apparently like to say there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. That being said, check your forecast several times before you travel. We planned for chilly weather and did okay, (there were a few times when we took advantage of the blankets available to patrons when we ate outside somewhere) but we were a little surprised by a few warmer days that popped up near the end of our trip! Some afternoons, our apartment got lots of sunlight and stayed very warm throughout the afternoon and evening! I hadn’t packed any pajama shorts for #ToddlerGoodwin, but he did have a few t-shirts so he usually slept in a t-shirt and a pair of light pajama bottoms and was okay.

Do you have any other Copenhagen travel tips you want to share? Are you a travel blogger? Leave your website below in the comments so we can stop by and visit! Interested in sharing your experiences with us on our blog? Leave us a note here!

Want more kid-friendly travel tips? Check out my Toddler Travel Pinterest Board!


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