Copenhagen Bucket List

It’s funny; as much as I love to pack and be prepared, when it comes to actually planning what we’re going to DO on vacation… I’m not the planner. That’s Tommy. Sure, I’ll check things out ahead of time to get an idea of what I’d like to do, but aside from checking to make sure what times places are open/closed, I don’t really worry about having much of a schedule when we travel. Tommy makes the plans and reservations; I’m all about wandering around and finding places and things to do that aren’t necessarily planned out in advance.

This trip will be a little interesting, because it’ll be our first big trip with #ToddlerGoodwin. We’ve already made up our minds that our days will be built around his nap time; he does way better with a schedule and that makes things way less stressful for us. We’ll have morning outings before nap time, then it’s lunch and lights out for the kiddo. After nap time, we’ll set out again for more exploring.

We are going to try to visit the following places:

NyhavnTivoli GardensThe Round TowerThe National Aquarium, The Copenhagen Zoo, The National Museum… The usual stuff, I expect. We also plan on taking a day trip to Malmo, Sweden. And we’ll probably spend a lot of time letting #ToddlerGoodwin run around in parks.

We’ve also discussed taking some time to perhaps do a little exploring on our own a day or two. (Like when #ToddlerGoodwin is napping. One of us can go off on our own for a few hours.)

So here’s my personal bucket list for Copenhagen:

I recently saw that the Mikkeller Beer Celebration was looking for volunteers, but by the time I made up my mind to contact them, I couldn’t find the post with the information on it. I’d still love to volunteer somewhere if I could, but am probably running out of time.

I have to have a hot dog. Maybe even several.

I also have to have an ice cream. Um… maybe even several.

I want to try to use a little of the Danish language that I’ve been studying. I do okay with my app; I will probably fail horribly trying to talk to anyone. Oh well.

I want to bring (or ship) back something cool for the house. Maybe something for #ToddlerGoodwin’s room, too.

I want to take lots of pictures with an actual camera.

I also want to spend as little time on my phone as possible. (With the exception of May 19th, when I’ll be taking over Mamalode’s Instagram for #dayinthelifeofmamalode!)

And I want to write it all down so that #ToddlerGoodwin will have a fantastic record of his first big trip.

Whatever we do, I just hope the three of us have a good time.

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