What are we gonna do on the plane?


When it comes to taking any trip, no matter how big or small, I always get really excited and I love planning!

I have been reading and pinning all kinds of ideas for traveling with a toddler. (Check out my Toddler Travel Pinterest board; I literally have hundreds of pins on this topic!) I have come across a lot of great ideas, so I’m going to share some of the ones that we really liked, and that we’re going to try:

Try to fly when the kid has to sleep. Our first flight to Denmark will leave here in the late afternoon. We have a layover, and then the rest of the flight to Denmark will happen overnight. We’re hoping that #ToddlerGoodwin will be so worn out from all the excitement of his first trip, that he’ll be able to sleep most of the flight to Denmark.

Let ’em run. We think we’ve done a pretty good job getting #ToddlerGoodwin to behave okay in public. However, we plan on really letting him stretch his legs in the airport before we have to settle down on the plane.

Wait to board… but have one parent go first. We think this is a GENIUS plan. When it’s time to board the plane, one parent hangs back with the kid. (Change diaper, put on PJs, do one last lap around the gate.) The other parent gets on the plane and goes to the seats. They can get the bags stowed, wipe down the seats and trays with antibacterial wipes, install the car seat or harness, put carry-on essentials in an easy to reach place and get everything all set up before the parent and the kid get on the plane. And the kid gets a little more room to roam before being stuck on an airplane for several hours!

Snacks, snacks, snacks. #ToddlerGoodwin has a great appetite and everybody says to pack way more snacks than you think you’ll need. No problem. I plan on bringing our trusty fruit snacks, baby goldfish, mini Nilla wafers, and some other new snacks for him to try.

Try to help the ear pain. I’ve heard people suggest Tylenol, I’ve heard people suggest chewing and swallowing. #ToddlerGoodwin ditched the pacifier a long time ago, so we’ll try some pain relief and make sure he has his sippy cup and some gummy fruit snacks handy during the ascent.

Be careful with Benadryl. I’ve read a lot of blogs that suggest giving kids Benadryl so they sleep on the plane. (Check with your doctor first, of course!) However, I’ve also had several people tell me that the Benadryl backfired and had the opposite effect on their kids. No, thanks! I think we might just take our chances with our usual bedtime routine on the plane. Which brings me to…

Stick with your routine. I know it might be a little cumbersome, but I plan on bringing #ToddlerGoodwin’s blanket and some of his bedtime stories on the plane. We have quite the routine down at home. When we finish reading a particular book, he knows it’s time for bed. He gets up, gives us hugs, goes to the crib, and it’s lights out. I’m hoping that having some of these familiar things on the plane will help him sleep a little bit.

Toys and treats. I have an entire stash of toys and activities for #ToddlerGoodwin on the plane. I’m hoping he won’t really need them on the way over, but I have a bunch of stuff packed just in case. And I have a whole other selection for coming home, when we’ll be flying during the day and he’s more likely to be awake and active.

I have:
A blank notebook
Coloring books and crayons
Stickers, stickers, stickers!
A couple $1 Play Paks (crayons, stickers, activities)
Melissa and Doug tape book
Wikki Stix
Felt crafts
Miniature toys
A couple Mega Blox he can play with
Some business cards (he loves playing with them?!

It’s probably overkill, but I’d rather be overprepared and not use the stuff than not have anything to occupy him with. And like many people suggest, I’ll wrap a bunch of the things like presents, so he can unwrap them – something that will add a little time to the activity itself.

What are some of your favorite tips for traveling with your little ones?

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