That time we slept through an earthquake… again.

On our last night in Italy, I woke up to what sounded like the souvenir vendors rolling their carts out into the square right below us. It wasn’t even light out, but I wasn’t sure what time they got started in the morning. The noise sounded like heavy rumbling and scraping.

Worried about oversleeping and missing our flight, I was unable to fall back to sleep. I tossed and turned for awhile, and maybe I dozed off for a little bit, but eventually our alarm clock went off. While we were getting ready, I checked my cell phone and saw that I had a bunch of notifications from Facebook Messenger – one of the first ones that I read was from a friend saying “OMG I just heard the news, are you okay?”

I wasn’t sure what “news” my friend was referring to. I had a bunch of messages and comments on Facebook asking me to let people know that we were okay. Okay? Yeah, we were okay.

Then I saw that I had a few e-mails. One of which was from my mom, saying that when she got up for work, she saw the news that there had been an earthquake in Italy and she wasn’t sure where we were or if it was close to us, but to let her know if we were all right.

We looked up the news and saw that the earthquake had been in Amatrice… but that it could be felt as far away as Rome, Bologna, and… Florence.

That was what I’d heard. That was the noise that woke me up.

Screenshot (3)

Tommy had heard it, too; only he thought I was in the bathroom sliding the door open and closed, or looking for something in the closet. So again, just like when we went to Napa, we almost slept through another earthquake.

We took that as our sign that it was definitely time to head home!

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