That time we went to the DR…

After freezing our butts off in Ireland, we decided that our next trip, our honeymoon, was going to be someplace warm. We got married in October but had to put our honeymoon off until my spring break. Nothing like booking your stay at an all-inclusive and shopping for swimsuits online in December! Hey, we had something to look forward to.

We stayed at the Excellence Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. It was most definitely excellent. We didn’t plan a single excursion or activity for the trip. We never left the place. We’d get up in the morning, get breakfast, and head to the beach. They had these awesome beach lounges and pillows that were so comfy… If we couldn’t snag one of those, we found some beach chairs under our own little tiki hut.  We’d hang out on the beach until lunch time, then we’d go get more food and head to the pool to cool off. Of course there were lots of fruity beverages and drinks served in freshly hacked apart coconuts.

One restaurant had a large buffet daily for breakfast. Another restaurant did a casual lunch and the resort often hosted themed lunches near the beach. One day was pizza, one day was a cookout, one day there was a… sausage party. Hahaha! There were several different restaurant options for your evening meal, and I think we made it to them all.

Because it was our honeymoon, we got some extra special treatment. One evening, the bed was covered in rose petals. Another evening when we returned to the room, the lights had all been dimmed and a bubble bath had been drawn, with flowers scattered in the water. We also came back from the pool one afternoon to find a “Honeymooners” sash tied across our door. We noticed lots of other sashes, too – to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and even a wedding. The Excellence definitely knows how to make their guests feel like VIPs!

EAT/STAY/DO: Excellence Punta Cana

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