That time I came to visit DC and never left…

In October of 2012, I had lined up a job interview with a school district where Tommy was living in Virginia. I had already arranged to visit Tommy, so when the assistant principal suggested we do a Skype interview, I told her I was going to be in town soon, anyway, and could come for a face-to-face interview.

It was the first time I’d spent more than just a weekend with Tommy in DC, but that week was still a whirlwind. I learned that Northern Virginia has it’s own little wine country and we did a wine tasting. I went to my job interview. Tommy had a happy hour and I met a lot of his colleagues and friends from work. Hurricane Sandy came through. I rode the DC metro for the first time – at rush hour. Tommy told me, “No matter what, just push your way on, and I’ll be right behind you!” So I did.

Except he wasn’t behind me. I secured a spot by a pole, grabbed on, and turned around only to watch helplessly as the doors slid closed. Thankfully, the doors opened up again and he was able to shove his way on. We still laugh about that; I may be short, but I’m pushy when it comes to making my way through a crowd.

Oh, and I got the teaching job. A teacher had resigned and they needed someone to fill the spot right away. I accepted the position and ended up starting less than two weeks later. I didn’t even return to Florida; my parents ended up packing everything and my dad drove it all up to me. So… I guess you just never know what’ll happen when you go on vacation!

Enjoying some hot chocolate and a fire pit at Poste (now closed) in DC.

EAT: Locals’ Favorite Places to Eat around DC
DO: Paradise Springs Winery, go for a walk around DC

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